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Barometer World

Barometer World
Barometer World is one of the country's most exceptional and bizzare attractions.

The NEW Barometer World Exhibition is bound to be of interest to all visitors, with an incredible variety of weather predictors from conventional mercury and aneroid barometers, rare and strange instruments from the past to unusual natural weather forecasters including sharks, frogs and leeches!

Barometer World invites you to an exhibition with a difference!

Barometer World after two years research and skilled work has built a complete working copy of the famous 'Leech barometer' more commonly known as 'The Tempest Prognosticator' First exhibited by the inventor in 1851...Visit our website for more information.

This small company headed by director Philip Collins is internationally famous for its specialist knowledge and traditional skills with barometers and barographs. The onsite workshop undertakes restoration for private customers and museums around the world although this must be arranged in advance. Please do not bring barometers to the site for valuation or repair without speaking to a member of staff first.

The workshop undertake restoration for customers as well as fine antique barometers for sale.

Barometer Worlds' showroom is stocked with numerous barometers for sale, both modern and fine antiques as well as other fascinating items and books about barometers (5 of these books by Philip Collins himself!) This is a really good place to find a present for a special occasion or to treat yourself to an unusual souvenir."

If you like antiques and instruments then this place is a must.


1/2 way between Hatherleigh and Great Torrington on the A386 at Merton - well signed in the village about 12 mins from Great Torrington

Open Tuesdays to Fridays and 1st and 2nd Saturdays - excluding holidays etc.

Please do NOT bring items for valuaton, please contact us first.

Barometer World Ltd.
Quicksilver Barn,
North Devon EX20 3DS

Phone: 01805 603443
Fax: 01805 603344

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